How can I invest with CAPITAL TIMES INVESTMENTS Co. Ltd?

To make an investment you must first become a member of CAPITAL TIMES INVESTMENTS Co. Ltd. Once you are member just sign in and make your first investment.

How do I open my CAPITAL TIMES INVESTMENTS Co. Ltd Account?

Just click on "Become a member" button and fill registration form.

Which e-currencies do you accept?

We accept widely most used e-currencies PerfectMoney, EGO Pay and PexPay.

How can I withdraw funds?

Login to your account using your username and password and then you can withdraw funds in “WITHDRAW” section.

How long does it take for my investment to be added to my account?

Your account will be updated instantly, as you deposit. However, in case of any technical failure, which may cause your deposit to not be credited automatically, please, contact our support service and we will fix the problem rapidly.

How can I change my e-mail address or password?

When you are logged in your account click on the "ACCOUNT SUMMARY" and then “Edit”. You can change your e-mail address and password there.

What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?

Click on this link, type your e-mail and you'll receive your account information.

Does a daily profit paid directly to my LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EGO Pay or PexPay account?

No, profits are paid directly in to your CAPITAL TIMES INVESTMENTS Co. Ltd account balance and you can withdraw them anytime.

How do you calculate the interest on my account?

We calculate interest daily depending from your investment, but amount of interest depends on each plan. Interest will be paid to your account daily

Can I do a direct investment from my account balance?

Yes, you can invest directly from account balance. When you make investment just choose your account balance instead of e-currencies accounts.

How many investments I can make?

You can make as much investments as you want and interest will be calculated from every investment.

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my e-currencies account?

Funds will be available within 24 hours, but usually for our accountant this payment takes less time then that.

How can I check my account balance?

You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet, you just need to login in to your account.

May I open several accounts in your investment program?

No. If we find that one member has more that one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

Can I spend with any other e-currency besides LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EGO Pay and PexPay?

For now our investment company only process payments via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EGO Pay and PexPay. You can exchange your e-currency for example to LibertyReserve just by following this link.

What is minimal payout?

Minimal payout for Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and EGO Pay is 0.01$ and for PexPay it is 1.00$.

Do your investment program return principal in end of the term?

Yes, this investment program return principal back in end of the term in plans "BASIC" and "ADVANCED".

Is there compounding feature possible?

For now we do not support compounding feature, but all time constantly there is many users what are asking for this feature, so we are thinking about adding this feature in near future.